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  • I am a sole proprietor. My small business has never had a retirement plan, but I just established a SEP on 3/3/11 and I am going to make a SEP contribution IN 2011 FOR 2010 tax year. My MAGI will be approx. $180K and I’d also like to make a deductible traditional IRA contribution. 

    I saw a post on a bulletin board that suggested I could do this because active participant status for SEP plans is based on the timing of the SEP contribution not the tax year it is for. I just wanted to verify that I am understanding this correctly ... on your website you refer to "active participant in a retirement plan" but the term used in the IRS instructions is "covered by a retirement plan" and I am wondering if those two phrases are synonymous or perhaps cover different situations. Thanks!


  • Can an IRA contribution be made now (for last year) on behalf of (for) , an individual who died in December of last year? 

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